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English Translation of the Interview with Marcel Hummel via a Dutch newspaper.



“Guru” Marcel Hummel found his place and his work in Spain on one of the Canary Holiday islands.


The Dutch entrepreneur Marcel Hummel decided to swap his hectic business life in 2005 for the peace and tranquillity of Tenerife, well known for it’s wonderful climate and breath taking scenery. Eight years later Hummel is working on  the Spanish island using his natural gift for “healing”. This is a spiritual, natural ability he has to cure very sick people, even animals, from chronic diseases, illnesses and would never contemplate returning to Holland as the island is now his home.

“This doesn’t feel like a job, but something very necessary that I have to do, I have a mission to fulfil”, Says the 45 year old, who has made his mark on the Tenerife as a “guru”.

” For open  minded patients, who believe in healing I can help ninety percent of them”.

“Even for people who have tried traditional medicine, administered by mainstream doctors and found that it didn’t work have come to me, and I have cured them! So yes I do perform miracles”.


For those who love and enjoy nature in it’s natural beauty, should see where Marcel Hummel lives. It’s a village with a rather exotic feel to it called Cabo Blanco, and what a location! On one side there is the magical panorama of the Atlantic Ocean, on the other side the most stunning view of the Volcano Mount Teide. This is the highest mountain in Spain, standing 3718 meters from sea level. Then there is Hummel’s home where he lives with his wife and two children. A wonderful hillside cottage covered in beautiful purple Bougainvillea flowers with trees and wild plants forming picturesque gardens that surround his practice.

At the end of 2005 Hummel grabbed his bags and headed for the island. Deciding to change the cold Dutch weather for the eternal spring climate of Tenerife, where his dream of opening a practice became a reality.

“As an businessman I was accustomed to taking risks”.

Tranquillity and Space

The reason for his move?

“To have finally found the peace and tranquillity I had longed for. I had a thriving barber’s shop in Haaksbergen and a successful car business in Hengelo; but what had always annoyed me was the bureaucracy that still exists in Holland today. The hectic 24-hour pace of the economy was no longer for me, and the cold climate didn’t help. My wife had previously lived in Tenerife and knew the island well, so we decided to move. After a long search we finally found our ideal location”.

Hummel wanted the peace that the island holds to concentrate on more meaningful aspects of life. Either to help, heal or even cure his sick neighbours. He possesses a spiritual gift which he explains has been with him since birth.

“This is something that cannot be learnt. There is no college course or anything like that, that you can take to do what I do, as it’s a gift given at birth. I noticed at a young age, that I could feel the pain and problems of the people around me, so much so that I couldn’t concentrate at school. My parents very often were called to the headmasters office as my teachers thought I was always staring out of the classroom window”.

Psychic Energy

When he was 14 years old Hummel realized just how incredible his psychic energy really was. How it made miracles happen, even, as he calls it, performing “spiritual operations” in extreme or urgent cases.

“It all began when my mother had a migraine. A faith healer tried and failed to get rid of her pain. So I decided to try and it worked! That was  how I came to understand that I had a gift for healing the sick, but due to lack of time, I couldn’t develop it”. Moving to the island gave him that time. “I knew the moment had come for me to grow, it is a kind of moral obligation, my contribution to the world says Hummel, who calls himself “healer”. I make a diagnosis when treating my patients using a pendulum, then the healing is given”.

He doesn’t just treat minor illnesses, he actually works on death threatening diseases, terminal illnesses such as cancer. Also helping those who are undergoing or have had chemotherapy sessions or when traditional medicine fails to detect the problem.

“Daily I am charged with energy, this energy is then given to my patients in order for them to heal gradually and progressively”.

How ever, let’s stop for a moment, I take a good look, a normal looking man, very down to earth and natural, yet Hummel has just said he can heal terminal cancer, helping to save lives and create miracles, that is incredible!!

When asked about the medium Jomanda: “The whole Jomanda incident, actually ruined it for those few really good healers”. He says; “I’m not saying she was bad at her job, but she exaggerated and was very unrealistic, which is the cause of so much scepticism now days”.


Hummel has nothing against traditional medicine, and would never discourage a patient to go and see a doctor, quite the contrary, he would advise them on their first visit to see a doctor to investigate the problem. ” If the prescribed medication or treatment given by the doctor are giving no good results and the problem is still there, I will then help. Using my natural gift and my pendulum I can see where the problems are, rather like how a scanner works, as long as it’s used to focus on my work as a “healer”. Now days there are lots of people that don’t trust modern medicine, but actually believe and rely more on alternative medicine, so that is where I step in and cause miracles to happen!”.

That all sounds well and good, but people won’t believe without some kind of proof, and sure enough you can read people’s stories on his website The testimonies show just how grateful and amazed they are by Marcel Hummel. You can see lots of positive reviews and acknowledgments. Take one for example: A German doctor had a serious of heart and lung diseases, where not one of his professional colleagues could help him. He writes: “After a few treatments I was healed!”.

Hummel says; “Yes, he now sends me patients with terminal cancer”. Another German man was diagnosed with a tumour in his aorta. The surgeons opened up his heart but as they could do nothing for him he was sewn up again and told to enjoy the short time he had left to live. “He turned to me, I have given him three treatments a week for the last two months and now the tumour has disappeared!”.

Distant Healing

The patients come from far and wide, from all over the world to see Hummel in Tenerife.

England, Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, The Neverlands , United States of America, South Africa, Mainland Spain ect. How ever, it is not always necessary to have a personal consultation because: “Even from a distance I can  heal, I ask and work o n a personal photo of the person in question. I can do house visits or you can come to my practice”.

Hummel can’t heal everybody. “No hard guarantees! Some people are just too far gone in their illness. Never the less, out of the patients who are open to my work, I can help ninety percent”.

Marcel Hummel will never be rich doing his paranormal work to which he answers; “That has never been an issue. The most important thing is that I can do something for people and contribute to their healing”.

Twentevisie 08 /2013

*this article has been translated from Dutch. Some texts may have been removed or changed for translation purpose only. 


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