Marcel Hummel

Group Healing

Experience the bliss of healing your soul, mind and body with Marcel Hummel International healer.  Marcel was born with the gift of healing, including group healings, private healings, and distance healing with photo, he works with people all over the world.

Group healing

Group healing

Group Healing is ideal for groups 3 persons or more, sessions can be arrange at your home or a local community center for larger groups. Marcel will start the session by cleaning the room from other energies and then fill the room with his healing energy; this energy will be received by every person in room.

You can also bring a photo of yourself or family members who are unable to attend. You will need a full body photograph that has nobody else in the background.

When participating in group healing, you should be relaxed and open yourself (consciousness of the mind) to receive the energy from Marcel.

Marcel’s energy will be focused on smaller groups of 2 as he walks around the room, then individual healings can performed with normally another person standing behind to support a fall or unbalance from an energy boost.

During the healing, it is possible that you feel warm, cold, see colors, see light flashes, and smell perfume or emotions can come out. It is not important that you feel or notice anything. The healing process can be instant or through time, so during the follows days you may notice changes in your body.

You don’t need to believe in Marcel’s healing, but if you trust him you are more open for his healing to be more effective.

The healing that Marcel gives will be working inside your body between 2 to 5 days, but mostly it depends on the intensity of the problems you have.

Marcel’s always heals the most important area of your problem first. For example, if you come to Marcel because you have stomach problems but your chakras are blocked, this means your body energy is out of balance, then the healing will open up your chakras to balance them, after that Marcel can work on the next problem. (Mostly there are more healings necessary as each area is connected meaning that it’s not just 1 problem but a series of issues that are causing the problem.)

After the healing it is possible that your problems become worse, this is a normal reaction and may take 2 days to fade away, however, this is a huge sign that your body is healing.

IMPORTANT: It is recommend that you refrain from drinking alcohol, taking any kind of drugs for 2 days after the healing.

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