Marcel Hummel

Marcel Hummel


Many people give Marcel a label for his type of healing and to each person it means something different.

Marcel practices Energy healing, some people call him a Medical intuitive and that is also correct, Marcel can pinpoint medical issues in the body and focus and heal them, but this is where Marcel is different, he does not ignore or downgrade the importance of standard medical practices as used in conjunction with alternative medical practices. He works within the framework of the standard and the alternative medical practices with only one exception, and that is if they are in contradiction with each other.

Marcel wants to heal and help you, this is his gift to the world. Others call Marcel a Natural healer and this is also correct. Marcel was born with these capabilities and does not practice the energy healing of Reiki, nor the power of suggestion, he quite simply heals your body naturally by grasping the consciousness inside your body and telling it where to go and what to do. For example in his natural healing through the body’s consciousness he has removed tumors and almost all different medical issues, he can also remove pain from the body.


Marcel can pinpoint medical issues in the body and focus and heal them

The most astounding part about Marcel’s gift is that he is a Distance healer. It is not necessary to visit Marcel at his practice when that is not possible for you, all he needs is a photo and he is instantly connected with you, anywhere in the world. Even via the photo, you feel the connection instantly. Marcel concentrates on your photo and intuiting your body and your healing path from the moment you start the photohealing with him. Likewise, he can cleanse your body and heal it via the photo starting with the first session.

Marcel also restores hope. Hope is a powerful emotion and has tremendous healing properties. Many who come to this site have had their hopes destroyed and are now guarded about hope. Restoring your hope is exactly what Marcel wants to do. He believes that there is always a reason for hope and all things are possible, including relieving your pain and curing your disease.

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